Our Organization


Curtis Graf, Patrick Brennan and Millie DeFabio

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote psychological health, personal empowerment and social responsibility through the application of Dr. Carl Rogers's Person-Centered Approach. Dr. Rogers served as a consultant and yearly guest staff for the Center's projects in New York from 1978 until his death in 1987.

Center By-Laws

In keeping with Carl Rogers's person-centered philosophy of self determination and self responsibility in collaboration with others, the Center's corporate By-Laws are structured as a non-hierarchical and relational system.

Thus, as with the Center itself whose real autonomy with regard to other organizations is desired, so also with the projects of the Center. Project directors must be members of the Center, are overseen by the Center membership, but have the freedom and responsibility to work out all details for their person-centered projects.

The qualification for membership in the Center is that of substantial involvement in the work of the corporation, as judged by the present members. The membership is responsible for all Center projects and serves as the self governing board of the corporation. Members meet annually and as needed throughout the year, have equal voice at all meetings, and make decisions by consensual agreement.

Members annually select three Co-Directors to act as a quick action council; two of the Co-Directors are annually selected to assume the responsibilities of corporate officers. The members also appoint an Advisory Board.

History of the Organization

Carl Rogers (far left) pictured with Ruth Sanford, Curtis Graf, and Peggy Natiello in 1980 on Long Island, NY where they staffed the first continuing education training in the person-centered approach.

The Center was co-founded in 1976 by Patricia Logan Brennan and Curtis Graf, and originally offered experiences designed to enhance personal growth within the local Long Island, New York community. Beginning in 1978, we became deeply involved with Dr. Carl Rogers and the person-centered approach, and have since developed a wide range of projects and broadened our focus to include a variety of social issues.